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Thank you so much to those who have generously donated to GERTIE.

We’ve had requests from people who would also like to donate to GERTIE but have no way to do that. Please click on the following link to donate:


…or you can send us an Interac transfer using  Please make the question easy! (We’ll probably get it if ‘Gertie’ is the answer).

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New Schedule starts June 29th

Check it out below or click here for the pdf version of the riders guide: summer-2015. A minor change in the midday schedule on M1 – Gertie will stop at the Haven at 11:11.MiddaySummer2015 Route Asummer2015RouteBSummer2015eveningrunssummer2-15

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Evening Runs start June 26th/June 27th

Want to head out to one of our amazing restaurants or pubs…and then head back home again without worrying about drinking and driving? Have an evening meeting or dinner out with friends? Then hop on the bus GUS – Friday and Saturday night from June 26th throughout the summer. It will be Regular fare for evening trips up to 9 pm ($2.50 or a ticket) and then $4 or two tickets for trips after 9 pm. Here’s the schedule (let us know if it works for you) If we have four or more passengers travelling from the Surf at 12:05 then we will do that run as well.evening schedule

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And the winner is….

Of 279 votes cast:

Gus the bus (or Gus): 125 (44.8%)
Bertie: 62 (22.2%)
Gabby (or Gaby): 19 (6.8%)
Yogi: 13 (4.7%)

followed by Big Bertha, The Wave, Buster, Big Gertie, Roxy, Surf Rider, Gertie too and Great Gertie.

Get on the Gus bus!

The name suggestions came from Marjorie Vernon and Richard Pullano (Gus), and Judith Madsen (Gus the Bus).

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Second round of voting ends Friday, May 29th

We’re down to 12 names for the new bus (donated by the Surf!!!). Click here to vote in this second and final round.

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Voting for the new bus’s name

We’ve had over 100 name suggestions for GERTIE’s new bus (see photo). There will be two rounds of voting. In the first round you get to pick your favourite 5 names. Voting in round 1 will close on Friday May 22nd. The top 10 names will then move on to round 2, and then you’ll only get one vote.

Click here to vote in round 1.


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Thank you Surf! Now we need to name the new Bus

As mentioned in this week’s GERTIE article in The Sounder, the owners of the Surf Pub and Lodge have donated a 24 passenger bus to GERTIE. As mentioned in the article, ” GERTIE will have a table at the Spring Fair, May 2 at The Commons, where you can suggest a name for ‘Two-Pack’ (good thing it’s only temporary) and in return get a free ticket for a Gertie-ride. If you can’t make it to the Spring Fair (10 am to 2 pm), we welcome your monikers via GERTIE e-mail at or send your ideas via the comments section below. The deadline for submitting the perfect name for GERTIE’s 24-seater is May 9; shortly after that the names will be up on the website as a survey for everyone to vote for their favourite.


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