Year End Evaluation Report

The results of GERTIE’s first year are captured in the GERTIE year end evaluation report.  Thanks to passengers, volunteers, funders and community supporters for making it a great year!

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New Schedule

See below for the schedule that started September 8th. See the ‘read across’ and ‘turn by turn’ formats on the Routes and Schedules page. The moving maps are up – check them out. sept25readdown2

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Schedule Change Monday September 8th

BC Ferries has changed the schedule again. So, we have changed GERTIE’s schedule in order to ensure that the bus meets the ferries. The following (see post above for schedule) will be in place starting Monday September 8th. New Riders Guides will be available on September 12th  (once we’ve made sure that the schedule works). All four formats of this schedule will be published on the Routes and Schedules page on Monday. 


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What schedule format works for you?

We know that GERTIE’s schedule is not always easy to follow. To respond to the various ways in which people have said to us that they understand schedules, we have created four different ways of presenting the information. Check them out here and let us know which one you prefer.

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GERTIE is going to the Salmon Barbeque

GERTIE is going to the Salmon Barbeque

GERTIE loves salmon, and salad and music and conversation, so we’re heading to the Salmon Barbeque on Saturday evening (Aug. 9th).  We’ve got room for you to come along!  The schedule is as follows:

Hemlock mailboxes: 4:05 PM

Twin Beaches: 4:10

Ferry: 4:15 (wait for arrival of 3:50 ferry)

Harrison: 4:25

Village: 4:30

Tashtego turnaround: 4:40

Silva Bay: 4:55

Islands View/Blueback: 5:00

Community Hall: 5:05

 Return by the same route (as necessary) at around 8:00 PM.

Regular fares apply (or tickets or passes).

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Concert on the Green

Gabriolans can hop on the regular afternoon runs to get to the August 7th Concert on the Green. For those coming from Nanaimo GERTIE will be meeting the ferry at 4:15 to take people directly to the Concert on the Green.

GERTIE will take people back to the ferry once the concert is over, and if you used our regular service to get there we’ll take you back home along our regular routes.

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GERTIE adds Friday midday runs and August stat holiday

Starting this Friday, August 1st, GERTIE will be doing a midday run every Friday until the schedule change in September. Check out the Routes and Schedules page for times.
We have seen a tremendous increase in passengers on the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday runs, plus we’ve heard from many of you that we need to have Midday runs Monday to Saturday. We are balancing the need for the additional midday runs with the number of volunteer drivers available, so will evaluate whether or not we can continue the Friday run after the summer.

GERTIE will also be doing a midday run on Monday, August 4th, the stat holiday. This is a change from GERTIE’s usual day off on stat holidays – look forward to seeing you on the bus!

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